Zest for Taste – Grande Couture Chutneys & Preserves


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A selection of Chutneys and Preserves presented in an Italian glassware jar:

Choose from the following:            

Cranberry Sauce 270g
Christmas Chutney 260g
Christmas Marmalade 270g
Spiced Apricot & Cranberry Chutney 260g
Honey Mustard 210g
Five Fruit Marmalade
Lemoncello Curd 255g
Strawberry Daiquiri Jam 265g
Bloody Mary Chutney 230g

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Cranberry Sauce, Christmas Chutney, Christmas Marmalade, Spiced Apricot & Cranberry Chutney, Honey Mustard, Five Fruit Marmalade, Lemoncello Curd, Strawberry Daiquiri Jam, Bloody Mary Chutney