Ground Coffee 250g – Mingle Blend


250g Ground Coffee Beans from Host Coffee Roaster based in Chichester.

The beans are ground fresh here in the Coffee Shop for French Press/Cafetière

Blend is called Mingle which is Coffee from the areas surrounding Mount Elgon in Uganda and Mount Alban in Mexico blended with beans from Sumatra make for a delicious grown up coffee which is cane sugar, fruity and full bodied with a long lasting finish. Delicious black or with milk. Medium


HOST – Chichester Roasted Coffee (250g) Blend Mingle.

HOST is a micro coffee roaster in Chichester. We roast speciality Arabica beans from small producing farms and are working hard to reuse, reduce and we care about everyone who works to get the coffee to your cup.

When you buy a bag of HOST, we donate to charity, The Snowdrop Trust, so you you are doing something nice for someone you don’t know, while treating yourself too.