Chilli and Lemon Oil 250ml


Cold pressed Chilli and lemon Oil 250ml

One of most unusual infusions, this Chilli and Lemon Oil is really interesting, combining the warmth of the chillies with a tang & freshness of Sicilian Lemon


This Chilli and Lemon Oil goes beautifully drizzled over pizza, pasta, meats, seafood and more. Add a splash to a stir fry to give an extra dimension of flavour or simply to dunk crusty bread into it! Be adventurous with salads, roast vegetables, risotto – everything it touches will get a fantastic lemony kick! You’ll get the lemon first, followed by the chilli in about 8 seconds, then the lemon comes back again to take the edge of the chilli. Definitely unlike any other you’ve tasted.


Cold-pressed rapeseed oil infused with Sicilian lemon & chilli