Fontana Mormiello Organic Apple Vinegar 500ml


Organic Apple Vinegar, unpasteurised and without sulphites added to maintain the live bacteria from the natural fermentation of the vinegar. Ideal for dressings, sauces or as a health tonic.


Slow, traditional fermentation of pressed organic apples without the addition of sulfites yields a cider vinegar that is smooth, raw and natural. Our vinegar is also unpasteurised and unfiltered, which means it is rich in living enzymes and the nutritious vinegar ‘mother’ is intact.

Vinegar has a very old history in Italy where it has been prized since Roman times for its therapeutic properties and culinary uses.


*Apple cider vinegar

*Certified organic ingredient

Allergens: Naturally occuring sulphites

Origin of apples: Italy

Produced in Italy