Smoked Garlic Oil 250ml


Cold Pressed Smoked Garlic Oil 250ml


Smoked Garlic Oil has a gorgeous smokiness followed by an earthy, garlicky kick! It’s fab for wedges or roast potatoes, adding incredible intensity through the smoky flavour, but also works beautifully drizzled over pizza, pasta, meats & more. Add a splash to a stir fry to give an extra dimension of flavour or simply to dunk crusty bread into it.

One of our fave ways to use it is when browning meat or frying onion for a chilli or curry – it really adds depth to anything it touches, perfect for getting an extra level of richness into food with zero effort.

Be adventurous with roast vegetables, risotto, pizza, cold meats & tapas – heck, drizzle it on anything!


Cold-pressed rapeseed oil, smoked & infused with garlic