Balsamic Seasoning Salt 60g


Aged Balsamic Seasoning Salt. Add a burst of flavour to your food.

Use it as you would any other sea salt: either cook with it or add a pinch to season food & you’ll get that extra kick of taste from the flavour infusion.


Aged Balsamic seasoning salt is an incredible infusion of the purest sea salt flakes with naturally sweet, matured ‘Special Reserve’ Balsamic Vinegar steeped in delicate herbs. One pinch of this on tomatoes, meats or veg dishes gives the dish a burst of intensity. Use as a finishing salt when serving steak or red meat & you’ll get a gorgeous hit of umami flavour.

Add a pinch to roast meats, wedges or when seasoning paella or risotto for an extra flavour dimension.


Sea salt flakes (85%), aged balsamic vinegar (15%) [concentrated grape must, wine vinegar] infused with thyme. Contains sulphites.