Whole Coffee Beans by Square House Coffee Co.


Whole coffee beans, responsibly sourced from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. Both single origin packets and blends available!


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These coffee beans are 100% Arabica and are sourced responsibly. All packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

1: Made with Arabica beans, this single origin coffee has a nutty, chocolatey flavour profile. Grown in multiple smallholder farms in Brazil.

2: 100% Arabica beans. Grown in the Antioquia Province in Colombia. Tasting notes of praline and hazelnut.

3: 100% Arabica beans. Grown in the Sidamo region in Ethiopia. It’s quite fruity and floral and a little spicey.

4: A perfect balance of single origin coffee beans grown in Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia. Creates a smooth coffee.

5: Spring is always here in this pouch of crisp goodness. This blend has a slight citrus and berry taste.